Welcome to DMCO

I am Dick Matthews and I want to thank you for taking time to check out my web page and learn a bit more about what I am up to. Simply put, I am looking to arrange partnerships with a few select agents/brokers in specific geographic regions throughout the country.

The agent that I partner with typically has a varied book of business with a few large or very large accounts. But the bulk of the business is with employers that have 25 to 250 employees - which of course happens to be the bulk of most independent agents business.

The agent I am looking for sometimes may have a partner or two, and a support staff large enough to handle the servicing of the book. And maybe even another agent to help prospect for new accounts. The typical agency that I can help likely has no more than 10 total employees.

There are three main challenges facing the employee benefit agent today:

  • Adding new clients on a regular basis (what I call the “front door”)
  • Retaining existing clients (what I call the “back door”)
  • Replacing lost group health insurance commission revenue

I have two unique services to offer the right agent: the first is a self funding solution built upon Reference Based Pricing; and the second is a state of the art Private Exchange for Defined Contribution plans. The target market for both is employers with 25 to 250 employees. We can certainly handle larger accounts, but our pricing leverage lies in the small to medium marketplace.

Why me……why DMCO? Simply put we are one of the very few organizations with experience in all disciplines required to make these concepts work. We have been writing full choice Defined Contribution Plans since 1986 and using online enrollment and EDI since 1998. All of our plans have a consumer choice option – either an HSA or HRA. Medicare Plus Reference Based Pricing plans fit right into our wheelhouse.

In short, we have all of the hands on experience needed to deal with the products, technology, employee education, and plan administration in the small and medium case marketplace. Please poke around the website and get a feel for what we are up to. There are videos you can review that demo our systems. You can bring great productivity improvement to your clients, while increasing your revenue stream. I am completely committed to these solutions and I am looking for a few committed partners to join me.

-Dick Matthews