Business Process Outsourcing Solution

We use a plug and play strategy to provide our BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) solution. The heart is the online enrollment and digital admin software. It includes full electronic data interchange capability, as well as full reporting and billing reconciliation services.

We also have a payroll services option, an On Boarding option, HRIS solutions and full compliance services for Cobra and FMLA. In short, we can bring to the party any and all business process services that any enterprise needs.

We have recently added our Medicare Plus RBP (Reference Based Pricing) solution. This provides a true consumer driven healthcare product in the self funded environment.

The magic for all of this is software and scale. This is the remarkable part of the 21st Century business model. It allows for the leveling of the playing field - it specifically allows for smaller agencies to compete on par with any large regional or national agency or brokerage house. You no longer need to fear PEOs.