Our great secret and significant advantage is that we do not have a minimum monthly cost for each agent client. Software companies may offer a very low PEPM (Per Employee Per Month) rate, but it comes with a monthly minimum that effectively eliminates the smaller employer. So our fee of $3 PEPM is charged against the exact number of people on the system. If the employer has 20 employees, the cost is $60 per month. If the employer has 40 employees, the cost is $120 per month, etc.

There is a one time account specific set up fee that ranges from $650 to $1000 depending upon the features of the case. The $3 PEPM fee includes full Cobra admin and my services in addition to the online enrollment and digital admin system.

In addition, by using the Humana products, the agent gets our automated enrollment services for just 30% of the voluntary worksite commissions, which is about one half of what most enrollment companies charge. 70% to the agent, 30% to DMCO.